Anti Ragging

The college provides a free-zone for Anti-Ragging. In course of fulfilling it. it has a committee which works very actively especially when the fresher’s enter the campus. The college authorities do not want the new   comers to face any kind of harassment or insults from the senior students and the authorities are committed to deal with such incidents  with an iron hand. So,the main responsibility of this committee is to ensure that no student is ragged within  or outside the campus and to take stringent action if any sch incident occurs. The  persons mentioned below constitute the anti-ragging committee. The students who feel  that they are subjected to any kind of inconvenience by the seniors should approach any one of the members of  this committee and get relief from the trouble mongers.

Guidelines of AP High Court

Guidelines of AP High Court for Educational Institutions – A.P. Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997 – Orders of High Court.

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Guidelines of Supreme Court

Guidelines of Supreme Court for Educational Institutions –

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Anti Ragging Team

NameDesignationPosition in the committee
Dr.M.V.Siva PrasadPrincipalChairman
Mr.S.Dharma BixamPhysical DirectorConvener
Mr.P.KanakaiahPhysical DirectorMember
Mr.K.Narender ReddyPhysical DirectorMember
Mr.C.Manikanta ReddyH.O.D,CIVILMember
Mr.G.Srinivasa RaoH.O.D,CSEMember
Mr.Y.V.R.Naga PawanTEQUIP Co-OrdinatorMember
Mr.S.Chandra SekharH.O.D,EEEMember
Mr.G.Venkata KrishnaH.O.D,MathematicsMember
Mr.T.RaghuDept of EEEMember
Mr.J.NagarajuDept of CSEMember
Mrs.Y.Laxmi PrasannaDept of CSEMember
Mr.CH.Vidya SagarDept of CSEMember
Mr.R.Ravi KumarDept of CSEMember
Mr.T.NagarajuDept of H&SMember
Mrs.P.MaithiliDept of H&SMember
Mr.H.Venkateswara RaoDept of H&SMember
Hostel WardensBoys&GirlsMember
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