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  • The Department is one of the indispensable departments of the Institution.
  • This is an inter disciplinary department where subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Environmental Sciences etc. are included.
  • The department being an integral and basic part of college focuses on promoting the discovery & application of scientific knowledge in a manner that prepares the students to contribute effectively, intellectually and ethically as citizens of a dynamic scientific community.
  • The department caters the needs of all students with reference to Applied Sciences and Humanities
  • Faculty with proven teaching and research capabilities are available in the department.

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Dr.G. Madhava Rao
M.Sc Ph.D
Associate Professor of Mathematics,
Head, Dept. of H&S,



The department of Humanities & Sciences is headed by Dr. Gade Madhava Rao M.Sc., Ph.D. He obtained his Ph.D. from well reputed organization National Institute of Technology Warangal. He is awell-disciplined Mathematician having over 16 years of experience in industry of Engineering Education. He participated in 13 national workshops and 4 national and international conferences. He published 8 research papers in International Journals. He interacts with the I year B. Tech students for academic needs and observes their punctuality, sincerity and progress.


S.No.Name of the FacultyBranchQualificationDesignatioin
1Dr.G.Madhava RaoH&SM.Sc., Ph.DProfessor
2Dr.P.JyothiH&SM.Sc., Ph.DProfessor
3G.Venkata KrishnaH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
4T.NagarajuH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
5N.Koti ReddyH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
6Ch.Bhaskar ReddyH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
7V.KavithaH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
8R.EdukondaluH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
9N.C.H.SridharH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
10P.RamakrishnaH&SM.Sc (Maths)Assistant Professor
11Dr.Sk.Umar PashaH&SM.Sc., Ph.DProfessor
12G.Nagamani H&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
13Y.Sri DeviH&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
14V.Lajapathi RaoH&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
15M.Narsimha RaoH&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
16Y.V.N.Damodara RaoH&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
17Ch.Srinivasa ReddyH&SM.Sc (Physics)Assistant Professor
18Dr.D.Hari PrasadH&SM.Sc., Ph.DProfessor
19Dr.S.Pulla ReddyH&SM.Sc., Ph.DProfessor
20D.Chandrashekar RaoH&SM.Sc (Chemistry)Assistant Professor
21A.SarithaH&SM.Sc (Chemistry)Assistant Professor
22K.SrinivasH&SM.Sc (Chemistry)Assistant Professor
23K.SwathiH&SM.Sc.Assistant Professor
24H.Venkateshwara RaoH&SM.Sc.Assistant Professor
25D.Pandu Ranga Rao H&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
26G.VenkateswarluH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
27M.SuvarnaH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
28Sk.FayazuddinH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
29T.Soma CharyH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
30K.LakshmaiahH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
31J.Poorna KumarH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
32R.KishoreH&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
H&SM.A (English)Assistant Professor
34A.Chaitanya H&SMCAAssistant Professor
35Ch.Vidya SagarH&SMCATPO
36A.V.L.V.Prasad RaoH&SM.Li.ScLibrarian
37S.Dharma Bixam H&SM.P.EdPhysical Director
38P.KanakaiahH&SM.P.EdPhysical Director

Faculty Activities

Faculty Achievements

Journal Publications:

  1. “Mathematical Model for Blood Flow through a Bifurcated Artery using Couple Stress Fluid”, Mathematical Biosciences, Vol. 278, (2016), pp. 37 – 47. (It is indexed in SCI).
  2. “Micro polar Fluid Flow through a Stenosed Bifurcated Artery”, NonlinearAnalysis: Modelling and Control, Vol. 22, No. 2, (2017), pp. 147 – 159. (It is indexed in SCI).
  3. “Computational Analysis of Magnetic Effects on Pulsatile Flow of Couple Stress Fluid through a Bifurcated Artery”, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol. 137, (2016), pp. 269 –-279. (It is indexed in SCI).
  4. “Magnetic Field Effects for Copper Suspended Nano fluid Venture through a Bifurcated Artery”, Journal of Nano fluids, Vol. 5, (2016), pp. 774 – 782. (It is indexed in ESCI).
  5. “Magnetic Effects on Pulsatile Flow of Micro polar Fluid through a Bifurcated Artery”, World Journal of Modelling and Simulation. Vol. 12, No. 2, (2016), pp. 147 – 160. (It is indexed in Scopus).
  6. “MHD Effect on the Couple Stress Fluid Flow through a Bifurcated Artery”, Procedia Engineering, Vol. 127, (2015), pp.877 – 884. (It is indexed in Scopus).
  7. “Pulsatile Flow of Couple Stress Fluid Flow through a Bifurcated Artery”, Accepted for publication in Ain Shams Engineering Journal. (It is indexed in Scopus).
  8. “Modeling of Blood flow through a bifurcated artery using Nano fluid”, Accepted for publication inBio Nanoscience. (It is indexed in Scopus).

Conference Publications:

  1. Presented a papers entitled with “Truesdall’s Method of Deriving Generating relations of Gigenber Polynomials” in  “XX CONGRESS OF APSMS (a National Level Meet)”, organized by the Department of Humanities and Sciences, SwarnaBharathi Institute of Science and Technology (SBIT), Khammam during December 9th-11th, December, 2011.
  2. Presented a papers entitled with “Micro polar Fluid Flow Through a Stenosed Bifurcated Artery” in 59th CONGRESS OF ISTAM (An International Meet)”, organized by the Alliance college of Engineering, Alliance University, Bangalore during 17th-20th, December, 2014.
  3. Presented a papers entitled with “MHD Effect on the Couple Stress Fluid Flow through a Bifurcated Artery” in an “INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER (ICCHMT-2015)”, organized by the Department of Mathematics, N.I.T.Warangal, Warangal during $ 30th November – 2ndDecember, 2015.
  4. Presented a papers entitled with “Magnetic Effects for Copper Suspended Nano fluid Venture through a Bifurcated Artery” in “60th CONGRESS OF ISTAM (An International Meet)”, organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur, India during 16th – 19th, December 2015.

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