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Welcome to MECH Department

Welcome to MECH Department

Welcome to MECH Department

Welcome to MECH Department

Welcome to MECH Department

Welcome to MECH Department

About Department

Mechanical Department in Anurag Engineering College is established in 2004, with a Professor and three Associate Professors and an intake of 60. Now the Department has an efficient team of 43 faculty members with a Professor, Three Associate Professors and 40 Assistant Professors, headed by Mr.K.Veeranjaneyulu M.Tech, (Ph.D)
The Department has 11 labs which are fully equipped with latest quality machinery, equipment, tools and instruments, to meet the requirements of JNTUH, AUTONOMOUS syllabus and AICTE Norms.
The MACHINE DESIGN Laboratory has been set up. The MACHINE DESIGN laboratory is catering the needs of students in such a way that they will not only have exposure to the areas of Computer Aided Analysis, ANYSIS, NISA, Pro-E and CAM etc, but also can do some projects.
The Department library consists of 250 books available for faculty and students.
The Department has taken up a lot of fabrication work for the institution over a period of time. The Department has been very active in organizing various programmes of general and academic interest.
The Department is organizing “Mechanical Engineering Association” MECHNOMICZ.
The main objective of Mechanical Engineering Association is to impart the technical and soft skills education and to develop the leadership qualities among the students of Mechanical Engg. Dept.
The Association provides the forum to motivate the students for participating in various activities like Paper Presentation, Technical Quiz group discussion etc.
As a beginning, Technical Quiz, Group Discussions and Seminars at Department level have been organized. Prizes have been distributed to the winners of the events.
The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members to provide proper guidance and good technical support to the students. The department of ME has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering. All our faculty and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with great, enthusiasm and good ethical values



To equip the Mechanical Engineering students with the best analytical skills in the state of the latest technologies and the best communication skills to meet the Mechanical Engineering manpower requirement both nationally and internationally to responds to the demands of the market which are dynamic in nature.


Producing Mechanical Engineers who are exceptionally competent, discipline and have a sense of devotion to their profession by adopting modern teaching techniques to give attention to all the students individually and encouraging development research consultancy and interaction with industries.


Long term Goals
  • To establish centre-of-excellence for research in Mechanical engineering.
  • To take up sponsored projects from private and government organizations.
  • To develop contemporary technology incubators at department level.
  • To start Ph.D programs by getting recognition as Centre for Research.
  • To have MOU with MNCs in India and abroad for R & D in core and thrust areas.
Short term goals
  • To have an accreditation status for the Department.
  • To achieve 100% academic performance of students using innovative and creative methods of teaching.
  • To achieve 100% Campus placements for students.
  • To ensure faculty and staff development for effective teaching learning process.

Quality Policy

Prominent Features


1Computer Programming Lab-ITurbo C
2Engineering Language Communication Skills Lab-IK-Van Solutions, Clarity Pronunciation
3Engineering Physics and Applied Chemistry Lab-I
4Engineering Workshop Lab-I
5Computer Programming Lab-IITurbo C
6Engineering Language Communication Skills Lab-IIK-Van Solutions, Clarity Pronunciation
7Engineering Physics and Applied Chemistry Lab-II
8Engineering Workshop Lab-II
II–B.Tech I-Semester
9Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab
10Metallurgy and Mechanics of Solids Lab
II–B.Tech II-Semester
11Production Technology Lab
12Mechanics of Fluids and Hydraulic Machines Lab
III–B.Tech I-Semester
13Machine tools and metrology Lab
14Thermal Engineering Lab
III–B.Tech II-Semester
15Heat Transfer Lab
16Advanced English Communications Skills LabK-Van Solutions, Clarity Pronunciation
IV–B.Tech I-Semester
17Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Lab
18Production Drawing Practice and Instrumentation Lab
IV–B.Tech II-Semester
M.Tech M.D
20Dynamics And Analysis Of Structures Laboratory
21Computer Aided testing, and modeling LaboratoryAutoCAD, ANSYS, Pro e, CAM


Mr.K.Veeranjaneyulu  M.Tech,(Ph.D)
Associate Professor

About HOD

Mr.K.Veeranjaneyulu has graduated in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU,Hyderabad and did M.Tech degree in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning from JNTUA College of Engineering,JNTU University,Anantapur. He has 06 years of teaching experience and pursuing Ph.D. in KL University,Guntur. He has organized and attended various workshops and conferences at National and International level. He has vast experience in establishing the departmental laboratories. He is the most dynamic and inspiring personality for faculty and encourages the students and faculty to participate in various conferences and workshops. He has guided more than 30 projects at UG level and more than 8 at PG level. He has 07 publications in National Journals and International Journals.

Message from HOD

Department of ME grooms the students to excel in the field of technology. Our students are well trained and have good knowledge in the subjects of their curriculum. Basic inputs are provided in order to build self-confidence to work in industry and to go for higher studies. The Department’s motto is to upgrade skills and knowledge of our young engineers to enable them to survive best in the present competitive world. State-of-art of laboratories of the department provides ample opportunities to the students to complete meaningful projects apart from practice sessions of laboratory courses. The department also contributes to the society by accomplishing technical projects that caters to the various requirements of the present day world. The students are also encouraged to participate in various technical and extra-curricular events.
Mechanical Engineering is the most dynamic programme in the campus and gives insight in to the latest developments in the areas of Manufacturing, Design, Automobile industry, Power Plants and also Entrepreneurship. The Mechanical Engineering students will be trained on various subjects like the Production Technology, Machine tools, Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Heat Transfer, Machine Design, Robotics, Finite Element Methods etc., to name a few. Besides the theoretical knowledge they also get hands on experience on different machines and mechanical equipments like Lathe, Milling, Drilling machines, Welding, Casting techniques, CNC machines, I C Engines, Heat Transfer & Refrigeration Equipments etc.
The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty members to provide proper guidance and good technical support to the students. The department of ME has a vision to become a centre of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering. All our faculty and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with great, enthusiasm and good ethical values.


Courses Offered


Intake Details

Program Educational Objectives

  • To transcend in professional career by acquiring knowledge in basic sciences, mathematics and mechanical engineering.
  • To exhibit problem solving skills on par with global requirements in industry and R&D
  • To adopt latest technologies, evolve as entrepreneurs, solving mechanical engineering problems, dealing environmental society and ethical issues.
  • Ability to involve actively in multidisciplinary teams and lifelong learning.

Program Outcomes

  • An ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals.
  • An ability to conduct Investigations using design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data to arrive at valid conclusions
  • An ability to design mechanical engineering components and processes within economic, environmental, ethical and manufacturability constraints.
  • An ability to function effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
  • An ability to identify, formulates, analyse and solve Mechanical Engineering problems.
  • An ability to understand professional, ethical and social responsibility.
  • An ability to communicate effectively through written reports or oral presentations.
  • The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  • An ability to recognize the need and to engage in independent and life-long learning.
  • A knowledge of contemporary issues
  • An ability to use the appropriate techniques and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


S.NoFaculty NameDesignationQualification
1Dr.MD.Abid AliPh.DProfessor
4G.Nagarjuna VarmaM.Tech,(Ph.D)Assoc.Professor
5B.Biksham M.TechAsst.Professor
6CH.Ashok M.TechAsst.Professor
9Y.Rajesh KhannaM.TechAsst.Professor
11B.Devender M.TechAsst.Professor
13L.Vemana M.TechAsst.Professor
14B.Venkateswar ReddyM.TechAsst.Professor
15M.Ravi KumarM.TechAsst.Professor
17K.Venkata SriharshaM.TechAsst.Professor
18J. Praneeth M.TechAsst.Professor
19A.Mohan KumarM.TechAsst.Professor
21N.Rohini DeviM.TechAsst.Professor
25N.Ranjith kumarM.TechAsst.Professor
26Ch.Ramya SreeM.TechAsst.Professor
28P.Hussain BabuM.TechAsst.Professor
29Jabiullah K MDM.TechAsst.Professor
33K. BullibabuM.TechAsst.Professor
34S.Khaleel bashaM.TechAsst.Professor
38N.Suneel KumarM.TechAsst.Professor
39VP Pavan PeddineniM.TechAsst.Professor
42G. Ch. GangaraoM.TechAsst.Professor
43T. SowraiahM.TechAsst.Professor

Faculty Activities


Faculty Achievements


Faculty Publications


Student Activities


Student Achievements




Professional Chapters




Student Clubs


ANURAG Engineering College
An Autonomous Institution
1Mr.R.Sri ramMechanical quiz (KITS)One day technical festKITS –Khammam
2Mr.S.PramodMechanical quiz (KITS)One day technical fest KITS –Khammam
3Mr.M.SandeepreddyMechanical quiz (KITS)One day technical fest KITS –Khammam
4Mr.D.SaiprakashMechanical quiz (KITS)One day technical fest KITS –Khammam
5Mr.S.RambabuMechanical quiz (KITS)One day technical fest KITS –Khammam
6Mr.K.SaikumarAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
7Mr.M.SaidireddyAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
8Mr.M.SandeepreddyAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
9Mr.MD.ShafiahmedAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
10Mr.G.PraveenkumarAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
11Mr.A.SharathchandraAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
12Mr.D.SaikumarAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
13Mr.P.SudheerAutomotive IC engine design and development 8 days JSS Academy-Banglore
14Mr.G.VenkataSriram21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
15Mr.B.Vishnu21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
16Mr.Y.Narendar21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
17Mr.B.Sandeep Kumar21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
18Mr.K. Premkumar21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
19Mr.N.Ramakrishna21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
20Mr.K. vedavyas21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
21Mr.P.Sudeer21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
22Mr.P.Pavankumar21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
23Mr.N.Saichand21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
24Mr.G. vinay21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
25Mr.B.Karthik21 st century Grand Challenges of Engineering3 days VJIT -Hyd
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