TEQIP Phase-II is to be implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) with the assistance of the World Bank at a total cost of Rs. 2430 crore. The Central contribution will be Rs. 1895.50 crore, out of which Rs. 1395.50 will be reimbursed by the World Bank. The State share will be Rs. 518.50 crore and the Share of Private unaided institutions will be Rs. 16 crore. The funding pattern will be 75:25 between the Centre and the participating States and for North Eastern States it will be 90:10. The TEQIP-II project is for the duration of 4 years covering about 200 institutions based on competitive funding.

1 Project Implementation Period : August 2010  to  August 2014
2 Project Implementation Unit
 i.  State Level : State Project Facilitation Unit (SPFU),
Department of Technical Education, AP
ii.  Central Level : National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU),
Ministry of Human Resource & Development, New Delhi
3 Project Closing date : 31st December 2014
4 Date of signing MoU with the State Govt. : 19th  September 2011
5 Funding Pattern (Private Institutions)
i.   Central Govt., State Govt. and
Institutional share
: 60:20:20
ii.  Cost per Institution : Rs. 4 Crores
6 Project Components:
Component – 1 :  Improving Quality of Education in selected Institutions
             Sub-Component 1.1 : Strengthening Institutions to improve learning
outcomes and employability of Graduates
             Sub-Component 1.2 :   Scaling-up Postgraduate Education, Demand-Driven
Research & Development and Innovation
                     Sub-Sub-Component 1.2.1  :  Establishing Centers of Excellence
             Sub-Component 1.3  :  Faculty Development for effective teaching
(Pedagogical Training)
Component – 2 : Improving System Management
            Sub-Component 2.1  :   Capacity Building to Strengthen Management
            Sub-Component 2.2  :   Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
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